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By XxAmayaAixX


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*~*~*~*~* SPOILER WARNING! *~*~*~*~*



After a long time, this MEP is finally up! ;v;! Thank you to the people that filled in the extra parts, helped me through, and got their parts in and didn't quit-- //sob

Everyone worked so hard, and it turned out, /Amazing/
Truely, this is fantastic, and I love this so much you guys! Wonderful Job! ;A; Thank you all so much for participating... It is truly amazing!


Track 1: ninjakarelin
Character used: Touko Fukawa/Genosider Syo

Track 2: XxAmayaAixX
Character used: Junko Enoshima

Track 3: GiveMariCookies
Character used: Celestia Ludenburg

Track 4: TamaHaruLover
Character used: Sayaka Maizono

Track 5: xNekoAMV
Character used: Ibuki Miodia

Track 6: Atomikin
Character used: Nagito Komaeda

Track 7: animevampire21
Character used: Hajime Hinata

Track 8: Ruth Perez
Character used: Peko Pekoyama

Track 9: Chilled Angel
Character used: Mukoro Ikusaba

Track 10: CrokerGamer
Character used: Chikai Nanami

Track 11: Lightningsally
Character used: Nagito Komaeda

Track 12: hope junko
Character used: Makoto Naegi