Download: Elliot & Olivia - [AU] Flowers for a Ghost

By MidnightL0ve


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This is a MASSIVE AU video. Therefore pretty much everything you see doesn't really happen. Lots of manips and scene alterations. So it would be awesome if you didn't ask me if this really happened cuz the answer is no. Also, the song/title/artist/show/couple/program I used are ALL in the description. Don't ask cuz I won't answer.


Elliot and Olivia were a couple, but he breaks up with her in the very beginning of the video to go back to Kathy because that's where he believes he belongs. Olivia accepts the break up and just tries to stay away from and let him do what he feels is best. Shortly after going back to Kathy, Elliot is shot and while he's laying there believing he's going to die, all he can see is Liv. How she would reacted when she found out he's dead, how she's been there for him all these years. It's in those moments before he believes he's going to die that he has a sense of clarity and realizes he made a huge mistaking leaving Liv and going back to Kathy.

Elliot wakes up in the hospital to find Kathy as his bedside and being all there for him. Liv is also at the hospital and see's the site of Elliot and Kathy together and realizes she can't stay around any longer and it's just too painful. Olivia leaves for good, without saying a word to Elliot. Elliot is upset to find this out and realizes he's missed his chance to tell her how he really feels about her.

He constantly thinks and analyzes his feelings for both Olivia and Kathy, but in the end he knows he has to end it with Kathy because his heart no longer belongs with her even though Olivia isn't around anymore.

Olivia, has moved away and trying to start her life over again without Elliot. She goes on dates, is still working as a cop, and then she meets Porter. He's the first and only guy she allows herself to open up to after leaving NY and Elliot. Porter, being a Fed, ends up needing to work with Olivia on a case. She's in a semi-undercover operation, but things go wrong and Liv ends up a target. She realizes how in over her head is but isn't feeling much support from Porter so she reaches out to Elliot.

Elliot gets wind of what's going on when Liv tries to contact him and immediately rushes to help her. There's several attempts made on her in the mean time between when she first reaches out and when he arrives. They agree to meet at the airport when Elliot arrives but they are taken by surprise when another hitman takes Liv at the airport. Elliot see's this go down and you can pretty much infer the rest from here.

Black/White Clips: Flashbacks/Memories/Thoughts
Color: Present time

Side note: The scene where Elliot tells Liv he loves her is after she's left NY and has met Porter. It's why it causes such a strong reaction from her.

One more side note: I also used clips from Plain Truth, Friends, Bones and ER in here. So if they don't look familiar to SVU, it's one of them.

Couple: Elliot/Olivia
Series: Law & Order: SVU
Song: Flowers for a Ghost by Thriving Ivory
Program Used: Sony Vegas 7.0

I realize this song is insanely overused and I know I've already used the "Only Human" part for another video, but I thought up this entire storyline based on the whole song and just had to get it out. One of those creative muse moments. So I hope you all enjoy and feedback is greatly appreciated!!

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