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Loner's Guide to ARK: Survival Evolved: How to Snatch Eggs With Oviraptor

In this gameplay video, I learn how to get ARK: Survival Evolved's new dinosaur, the Oviraptor, to steal eggs from wild dinos--mainly Brontosaurus. Once I figured it out, it wasn't that difficult, but there were challenges to deal with.

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As you probably already know, dinosaur eggs are a main ingredient in all of ARK: Survival Evolved's taming kibbles, and said kibbles make dino ( and most other creature ) taming much faster, easier and more effective ( and just as importantly, more fun and less tedious ). Since taming dinos is one of the main features of the game, acquiring enough of the right eggs becomes pretty important. There are two ways of doing this: egg farming with your own dinos, or stealing eggs from other players or dinos that don't belong to you.

Although the Oviraptor's dossier may lead one to expect that other dinos will not aggress or prey upon it, carnivorous dinosaurs certainly will--even Dilophosaur will attack it. Although it is very quick for its size, I am not confident at this point that it can outrun a Raptor, Carno, or TRex. Since my newly-tamed level mid-30s Oviraptor was pretty fragile ( about 400 hit points ), it wouldn't have lasted long in a fight with ( almost anything, let alone a big predator ).

So, the main concerns I had were the large predatory dinosaurs--Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Carnotaurus--that are often found near Brontosaurus. Scorpions were also a concern, since my Oviraptor, being tamed at level 33, had has less than 400 torpor points. For our mutual entertainment however, my Oviraptor did find itself in harm's way a number of times. Hey, gotta get those eggs!

As far as using oviraptors to raid other's bases, as in Spotlight: Oviraptor, that really doesn't seem practical.

In case you miss something in the video, here is the tactic that I have used to get the Oviraptor to pick up eggs:

**Gaming Guide/ How-To**
1. Carry Oviraptor with flier ( Argent or Quetzal--will Pteranodon work? )
2. Fly around until egg is spotted
3. Drop Oviraptor commando near target egg
4. Whistle for Oviraptor to follow ( if not already following ). If it is near an egg, it should appear to dig for a moment, then grab the egg and run towards you with it.
5. If area is unsafe, airlift Oviraptor to location safe for egg transfer.
6. Take egg from Oviraptor
7. Repeat

1. Carnivorous dinos will attack/ prey upon wild and tame Oviraptors, although they won't egg-aggro on it.
2. The eggs Oviraptor carries will continue to decompose quickly ( within 30 minutes ) until you take them.
3. If you place eggs in Oviraptor inventory it will eat them when hungry. Oviraptor cannot carry much, so better to keep it unencumbered.

For those who may be interested, Oviraptor's name and reputation were tarnished by the false assumptions of paleontologists. The first known specimen was found on a fossilized egg nest that was thought to belong to a Protoceratops. Further research has led to the conclusion that the "Oviraptor" was most likely in fact found on its own nest. It is no longer regarded by paleontologists to be an egg thief, but its unfortunate name has stuck.

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