Download: FFXI - SCH Tojil Solo

By Mischief17


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Good old Tojil. This actually isn't my first time soloing this guy. The first time, I went in as a test and ended up beating him with 20 seconds left...and then the recording got corrupted. This run is way smoother anyway, so I'm not too annoyed.

Funnily enough, this guy is far harder to solo than Dakuwaqa. He hurts, a lot, which is why I'm kiting him back and forth the entire time. I also ended up using the back tunnel and not the one he's normally fought at. Why? Because every single fodder mob in the room was between Tojil and that normal spot, so I improvised. Still got a wivre, but that's it.

49-25% is by far the worst part of this fight; not only is it the part where he takes very low magic damage, but he also has the worst spells: Kaustra, Meteor, Diaga III (that DEF down hurts). I was saving Tabula Rasa that entire time to counter Kaustra with Embrava, but I didn't end up needing it this time.

By the way...This is done solely with windower plugins/addons. I'm using JaZero in place of blinking every half-second, that's it. There is no difference. It may have been a few seconds slower, but this would have ended the exact same way had I stuck to using spellcast/vanilla macros and blinking all over the place.