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By Arthur 3D origami


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3D origami vase (basket) tutorial (instruction)

This video shows a detailed step by step assembly vase (basket) for tangerines (candy) 3D origami. Can be very useful on the eve of Christmas and New Year as a gift.

We need:
90 white, 120 purple,
120 blue, 120 light blue,
120 lemony, 120 pink,
120 red, 120 yellow triangular pieces.
How to make a piece refer to the link here:

For large vases better use larger pieces

Making three closed rows 30 pieces each. 1st row long side piece down 2nd and 3rd -

Then 4th row: 45 purple (one piece attach to two corners, and the second and third piece on One, etc.)

Next row: (do tracery) 1 blue and 2 purple. Blue attach for those pieces we did "Doubled" in the previous row

6th row: 2 blue, 2 purple (purple attach on one corner)

7th row: blue, light blue, blue, purple

8th row: 2 light blue, 2 blue

9th row: light blue, lemony, light blue, blue

10th row: 2 lemony, 2 light blue

11th row: pink, lemony, light blue, lemony

12th row: 2 pink, 2 lemony

then: pink, red, pink, lemony

14th row: 2 red, 2 pink

15th row: red, pink, red, yellow
16th row: 2 yellow, 2 red

Attach this: red and two yellow laterally

then 2 and 1 yellow

Vase or basket ready!

And now you know how to make a vase or basket in the art of 3D origami (modular origami). If you want to - consider this video master class assembly vase or basket.

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