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By Faerval


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All the Yo-Kai Summoning Songs in english! which one is your favourite?

All Summoning Song Lyrics! All Credit goes to XLpug

(S1:E4) Summoning Mysterious! ♪ Boo-shiggy Boo-shiggy, Boogie woogie, Cling clang delirious, Mysterious! ♪

(S1:E4) Summoning Eerie! ♪ Lookie Lee Lookie lee Flippidy dee. Lookie Lee Lookie lee Bubba Eerie! ♪

(S1:E5) Summoning Charming! ♪ Alarming, Boom boom, Walla Walla, Dance Dance, Charming! ♪

(S1:E6) Summoning Heartful! ♪ Speedy artful, Sing la la la, Everywhere Heartful! ♪

(S1:E6) Summoning Brave! ♪ Sumo shave, Flavo engrave, Flash team'a Brave! ♪

(S1:E8) Summoning Tough. ♪ Gruff stuff, Rough bluff, Red ban jacket stand, Bling blang Tough! ♪

(S1:E10) Summoning Legendary! ♪ Imaginary, Incendiary, Flip flap, Squiggle boom, Slim slam, Legendary! ♪

(S1:E21) Summoning Slippery! ♪ Trippery, Gippery, Slimey wimey do, Slippery ♪

(S1:E26) Summoning Shady! ♪ Marvelous thee! Gutsy free banshee! Sing song Shade-y! ♪

(Bonus) Come on out my friend. Calling [Insert Yo-kai Name Here]. Yo-kai medal, do your thing.