Download: [Comic Fandub] Undertale - Papyrus X Mettaton?! (Papyton)

By TheBlossomingLily♂


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Artist of this comic is "shazbaa" from Tumblr!
And for people wondering why this ship is a thing:

Fun Fact: For the "tck tck" sound of Alphys typing on her phone I literally put my iPhone next to my mic and recorded myself tapping on it.

Also Basic Fact: Mettaton is male. Idk why people keep asking when everyone in-game keeps referring to Mettaton as male with "he/him" prounouns. The game has NEVER, EVER, EVER called Mettaton a girl.
His room as a ghost was girly? So what? I like girly things, I sound girly, and I'm a guy! This game throws stereotypes out the window!
And what would be the problem with this being a homosexual ship when we have two canon gay couples in the game?

Mettaton was voiced by shadowlink4321 (AKA "Shadowlink")
Papyrus was voiced by TheNeverendingTwlight (AKA "Twilight" or "TNT")
Sans was voiced by HeroObito (AKA "Haar")
Undyne was voiced by LadyDragon92 (AKA "Lady" or "Kyla")