Download: My Weightloss Journey/Body Update - 1 Vegan, ED Recovery + Healing Metabolic Damage

By Mantras and Mangos


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Hello my little mangos, I'm sorry for the poor introduction. Before I edited this video, I had recorded about 20 minutes of my Eating Disorder Story, but as I was editing, I realised I still wasn't ready to share my full story with you. I find that my struggles and what I went through is still hard to deal with, and although I have overcome this, it still haunts me sometimes. I decided to keep it to myself, for my 'memories' and that it was apart of me changing to become the best version of myself. If you would like to get an idea of my anorexia/bulimia history, the link to 'My Vegan Story' is down below where you can get an insight of how my journey began. At my lowest weight, I was 43kg before gaining around 8kg for recovery. I then kept losing and gaining (up and down like a rollercoaster) from restricting my calories, fasting, laxatives, fat burners, binging and purging and taking the contraception pill. In the end, metabolic damage caught up to me, my negative mindset caught up to me... The heaviest I have been is 59kg (I am 157-158cm tall) which I found it hard to deal with in the beginning, but I learned to love my body again and knew that I never wanted to live in the ED world again! EVER! So, now, I eat as many carbs as I want from fruits, vegetables, rice and pasta - around 2500 calories a day. I exercise around 3 times a week, drink lots of water and practice self love... It was a hard journey, but grateful for how far I have come. I still have a few health ailments I would like to heal, as well as further healing my metabolic damage, but step by step... Thank you for watching this, sorry if it doesn't make sense. I hope to get the full video of my history out one day. Please leave me any questions b low if you have any :) love and light, Mary xoxo

Thank you for watching! Xoxo

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My name is Mary and I created this channel to share with you my journey on how I overcame years of struggling with anxiety and an array of eating disorders through a high carb, low fat vegan lifestyle and nourished myself back to health - physically, mentally and spiritually. Here I hope to inspire, motivate and help people in any way I can so that you may all become the best versions of yourself.

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