Download: Aviapro10 Super Conditioning Supplement

By Emil Halili


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The components of aviapro10 are synergestically blended to perform on any avian species like pigeon, gamebirds and other poultry related animals. These components like B-vitamins, vitamin E, probiotics with 12 strains, specific digestive Enzymes, bioactive minerals, L-carnitine, COD Liver Oil, limiting Amino Acids for avian, and the Betaine Hydrochloride can act direct on the bird on an instant result wether it is for fighting cocks ( providing agility, gameness, alertness, focus, power and endurance ), it acts also in pigeons ( endurance, stamina, proper Hyrdation, speed, and power ). It works not only in feed, the energy sparing effect of specific enzymes zynergistic effect with B vitamins aided by L-carnitine directly to the power house of the cell w/c is the mitochondria boosting the energy within enhanced by betaine to counter act dehydration and cell integrity resulting to proper hydration and moisture of the bird. The limiting Amino Acids then acts to muscle fibers enhancing the proper weight management of the bird thereby it weigh less, more power to an extra mile/ time to reach destination. All of these components are carefully selected by the company in order to have balanced formulation supplement in the market. -CEO/Avitek Animal Health Inc.