Download: ETS2 1.20.x PROJECT RUSSIAN TRUCK MAP V1.1.6A FULL Bus Trip Part 2 4268km run

By Experimental Trucker


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(If any of this information has changed or new information is available, please let me know and I will update this video description. Thanks).


Maybe it works with ETS2 (I don't know)

Download the first and the second part,
unzip and move all 6 files in the folder of the mod into your mod folder,
REMEMBER in the profile to change the module Europe to PRTM.mbd

At the time of making this video, I was on the beta version of ETS2 trying it out. I still have not even fully caught up with ETS2

For this pickup/delivery, I am using a bus mod & a passenger mod along with it.

A large choice of bus mods is here....

And a passenger mod is here....

Picked up Passengers in Smolensk
Going to try out the 'GPS ROUTE CUSTOMIZATION' feature
I have no idea what is going to happen on this run
Dropped off passengers in Belii 4238km run

Questions/Comments are welcomed.
I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge. I am still discovering things about ETS2 that I did not know about.

If it seems that I did not answer(or attempted) to answer your comment/question, sometimes YouTube will miss sending me a notification that a comment was posted on a video. If possible, just send me a reminder that you have left a comment/question & I should get to it. Thanks.

Yes, I know a lot of the ETS2 videos that are published are long.
If you can watch through them (or even skip through them), you can get ideas,

Where I get a good frame rates and where the frame rates just go into the garbage,
You can see if there is any bugs/errors in the map(s),
If it happens, you will see where & when in the map(s) there is a crash to desktop (CTD).
I am not realizing how much time passes by when playing this game.

PS. For those that take this game as serious as real life, & dislike the way I drive, I can respect that. For me, after a hard day's work, this is my way of having fun/enjoying the game without the consequences of real world driving. As for the speed, when I'm making a long delivery run, it helps cut down on recording time & upload time to YouTube. So please, if possible,
just enjoy:-)
Everyone plays the game in their own way:-)

Try to ALWAYS make a manual backup copy or two of your save game profile before adding new mods.
At least this way, if the latest mod that you added crashes the game, & the game continues to give problems after the mod is removed, you can swap out the bad save profile with your good save profile and be gaming again faster, & the stress of losing all your hard progress & work would be reduced.

Mods can change your default game files and maybe even break your game which would then need a whole new installation so it's fully recommend that before installing any mods be sure to make a backup of your original game files beforehand.