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ゼビウス / Xevious (Namco) NAMCO 1983 582,880pts Player KIN 収録Ver MAME32Plus!0.116 1周クリアを目指して頑張ってみました。学生時代にシャープX1を購入するきっかけとなったゲームです。さすがに25年ぶりだとソルや敵の配置をかなり忘れてしまっています。 

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CPU構成[Z80 (3)] 音源チップ[Namco, Samples]

もはや説明などいらないのではないかと思うが、アーケードゲーム史の金字塔「ゼビウス」である。 当時のハードウェアは、 お世辞にも表現力が高いとはいえないスペックであったが、 キャラクターをグレー系の配色で統一し、さらに光源を統一するという手法で、美しいグラフィックを描き出すことに成功している。 また、隠れキャラクターのソルやスペシャルフラッグの存在も忘れてはならない。 なお、このゲームは後に「ドルアーガの塔」などを製作する遠藤雅伸氏によるものである。

Xevious (c) 1982 Namco.

The player pilots a combat aircraft called a 'Solvalou' which is armed with a forward-firing gun for aerial targets, and bombs for destroying ground-based targets. A red targeting square is situated in front of the Solvalou, which allows the player to aim their bombs accurately. The enemy craft appears in a number of different guises; from the standard variety that arrive in large numbers but shoot slow-moving projectiles, to exploding black spheres that shoot projectiles at high speed. There are also rotating shields that cannot be destroyed and must be carefully avoided. Ground enemies are a combination of both stationary bases and moving vehicles, most of which fire slow-moving projectiles. A gigantic, floating fortress (called 'Andor Genesis') appears in certain areas; this is defeated by knocking out its core.

Xevious is actually divided into 16 different areas, which are separated by an area of forest. If a player dies before less than 70% of an area has been completed, play restarts at the beginning of the same area; should a life be lost AFTER 70% of an area has been completed, however, play restarts at the beginning of the next area. After Area 16 has been completed, the game loops back to Area 7.


Game ID : XVI

Main CPU : Z80 (x3), MB88xx
Sound Chips : Namco 3-channel WSG, discrete circuitry (for the explosion sounds)

Players : 2
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 2
= [1] Zapper, [2] Blaster


Released in December 1982.


Scoring in this game is relatively complicated due to all the different units.

Andor Genesis : 1000-4000 points
Brag Zakato : 500 points
Garu Zakato : 1000 points
Giddo Spario : 10 points
Jarra : 70-100 points
Kapi : 300 points
Terrazi : 700 points
Torkan : 50 points
Toroid : 30 points
Zakato : 50 points
Zoshi : 100 points

Barra : 100 points
Boza Logram : 2000 points
Derota : 1000 points
Domogram : 800 points
Garu Barra : 300 points
Garu Derota : 2000 points
Grobda : 400 points
Logram : 300 points
Zolbak : 200 points

Specials (see Tips and Tricks below for how to get them)
Flag : 1000 points for uncovering it, bonus Solvalou for flying over it
Sol Citadel : 2000 points for making it surface - 2000 points for destroying it


1. Xevious (1982)
2. Super Xevious (1984)
3. Solvalou (1991)
4. Xevious 3D/G (1995)


From highscore table : Masanobu Endoh (Evezoo End), Masaya Nakamura (M.Nakamura), Eirry Mou, Shin-ichiro Okamoto (S.Okamoto), Shin-ichi Kojima (S.Kojima)
Music by : Yuriko Keino