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The typical an classic signs of hypnosis tend to be as follows:

Eyelids Fluttering – The client is not always aware this is happening, but as they start to get absorbed in the process and in particular when they initially close their eyes to start the formal hypnosis, the eyelids often flutter very quickly. At the same time or as a separate sign altogether, the eyes moving rapidly beneath the eyelids (i.e. when closed) can often be seen too.

This eye movement is also very common in individuals when they are hypnotised and asked to imagine certain visual things in their mind.

Physical Relaxation – of course, anyone can be hypnotised without being relaxed, but the quality of relaxation tends to be a characteristic many people have come to associate with being hypnotised.

Very notable are the releasing of facial muscles, which I often think makes the individual look incredibly different. The jaw may hang lower too, for example. This kind of relaxation could well be a sign that some sort of shift is occurring internally. If you observe the client’s facial muscles and posture etc before, during and after hypnosis, it’ll give you (and ideally them) a clear demonstration that something was going on within them.

Pulse Rate Changing – Sometimes at the beginning of a session, a client’s pulse may speed up as they enter the unknown (for first time hypnotised individuals) with some level of apprehension. Though mostly, once the process of hypnosis is underway, you’ll notice it often slows right down.

In particular when I do demonstrations in class, I notice (and the students often notice) the change in pulse rate from the start of the session to the end of it, in the neck area where it is very visible.

Breathing Pace Change – As with the pulse, the breathing can fluctuate in the same way.

Often breathing is used as part of deepening the hypnosis, so it may not be an accurate measure of any change occurring solely as a result of the hypnosis.