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By Clash With Ed


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I’m Ed from Clash With Ed. I’m one of the two youtubers that have reached global #1 in clash of clans. I’m one of the leaders of Quantum’s Web clan family including Quantum’s Rage, Quantum’s Rush, Quantum’s Wrath, Quantum’s United, Quantum’s Havoc, Quantum’s Chaos, Quantum’s Dawn, Quantum’s Rest, Quantums Fr. and Quantum’s Crush. I do clan war with InTheDark where i am a co-leader. I got 5 accounts Ze Jodecast (max base all max troops level 40 queen and king), Ze Jodecast Jr. (Max base all max troops level 40 king and queen) edward (max defence level 10 walls mostly and lego walls with level 40 archer queen) edward jr which is a little rushed th10 account and n00b warrior now at town hall 8.  I’m a air n00b so I attack with Balloons and Minions which is called looning or blooning. I some times also do Lavalooning which means Balloons Minions and Lava Hounds. As Spells I use Rage spells and Freeze spell. Some times I keep a level 5 max Golem in my cc. I don’t believe in this free gems shit. only free gems you get are from removing trees in your base. you also get gems from the shop.I’m not as famous as Chief Pat or Godson but I do my stuff and I’m a clasher first, second and third then a youtuber. 

I do high level attack videos from Quantum’s Web the home of the best lavalooning attacks in Clash we also have great dragon attackers and mass golem attacks as well as GoWiPe. Such an privilege to clash with Piepipper, Razerll, Maggie, bco53, sub30, Tobi Kaiser, To8ik, Antar 32, Victor, Z Jodecast Baby, Hrlyrdr22, dan0.68, yu-ki, Wylker, Kamikaze, Wheels_007, The Davil, WereWolf, Abecito, C L O U D, MrMeni, B0ssh0gg, Superdave, Uncle Sam, Ze Jodecast, Adde_76, RubenM66, sorbet, bannercree, bawdily, scott the great, evo, waxed1, Ben, sk.voodoo, RushDown, Maxxxhardcore, lee, Michael, Big Bread, Rebel-Rebecca, Chris, B1gsmooth, Wayne Brady. 

Best Clan War videos comes from InTheDark where I clash together with DizzyDaGreat, LegendaryLurker (hass) Ze Jodecast Jr, BERZERKER, Payam D, brent, Muzuzo, Dylan, Doonta, BigSpence3, vDragon, HOWIE, danny Thor7, programmer_aud, Newdles32, Volalk, Sir jas alota, capht ikmrn, culo, GunnerJohn, Cheif Tuwnakawe, Qship YSY81, Thomas, Sergeant Woofle, Matthew, Sorumkaleb, Death, kin1979, 6ASH, Tang*91, SpleetyG, TheROCK0308, Jugg3rnautx, Rattlesnake, Angie Nima and N8.
We have had Clan War against the top clans in Clash Chinese Clans, 奉天, 云月轩&云起四方, Crucible Wrath,TEAM BRASIL, Quantum’s Web, WAR IMPERIUM,, Ice ice baby, MADE in Turkey, Kings Rock, V.N. Champions, MegaEmpireAsia,Feres D’Armes, Gnadenlos, BR Fenix Force, U.N. Arab, Ice Ice Baby!!! The Core, Schlaflos and many more. In InTheDark all have level 40 archer queen and level 40 barbarian king and almost maxed out bases too. Three star hybrid raids are the stuff. Hybrid hog air raids, hybrid air golem raids just pure awesomeness. 

Top 200 FAILs series I show funny videos where top players fail attacks and teach how to avoid those. Every failure will teach you how to avoid it. I’ve done over 10 000 high level attacks and lost many and won even more. got loads of funny high level fail videos from top clashers and global ranked players. 

Ed Academy series where I teach people how to attack with different strategies like lavalooning, looning Mass golem attack, GoWiPe, 
Also love doing Town hall 7 & 8 attacks with minions and hog riders together with heal spells and rage spells. If you want to learn how to 2 star bases solid watch this series. 

Live defence series i do live defences from top of clash. I normally defend with archers and wizards in my clan castle. I love the live defence feature it’s pure awesomeness. Watching people loose to my maxed out base :D 

Live attack series I attack with high level troops and low level troops like hog riders and minions or loons and minions or lavaloons and GoWiPe.

I have also done a record loot where 2,4 million of resources was given away at 4200 trophies. I’m not so much into gold and elixir and dark elixir since I have maxed out bases but it’s fun to do these loot videos too. 

I do Let’s play like a pro series with n00b warrior. where I teach how to play the game smart based on my experience of being a top clasher. if you want to learn clash follow this. 

Clash With Ed