Download: BTD5 Steam/Mobile HIGHEST ROUND EVER? (Round 1000)

By The Lapras Man


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I started this run a couple weeks ago after unlocking all premiums. The first ~500 rounds took less than 2 days to complete, beyond that, rounds are in excess of 10 minutes each as the temples cannot pop the ZOMG's fast enough. The final round took 14 minutes due to recording lag.

Round 1001 is not sped up at all. Those are 1x speed MOAB's and ZOMG's charging down the map. :O

So how far can you get? There is one major problem with Steam BTD5: Once a certain number of blimps enter the screen the game will freeze and you cannot interact with it, making abilities useless, except for one: the 0/4 ice.

The 0/4 ice slows down all blimps on screen by 50% INDEFINITELY. This also includes child blimps one generation below the original affected blimp. Your main goal is to slow the MOAB's from the ZOMG's. To do that you must wait until they crack into BFB's before activating the ability. Unfortunately because of the way Steam is programmed this is very hard to do without getting locked out of that wave via lag. I tried to time my 0/4 ice ability to be just after the first ZOMG's cracked and then anytime during the round that the game will allow.

With this current strategy I could have gone to round 1100 very easily. Despite losing my first lives on round 911, it's almost impossible to leak a MOAB class bloon with this strategy because Bloonchippers are so unbelievably OP, instead I would have steadily been drained away of lives by stray bloons that slip over my spacs at the end.

If NK can fix the ability lag, then I have no doubts that round 1500+ would also be possible, although extremely laggy. One would have to use the ice ability constantly along with a 0/4 ninja and 0/4 village chain. The tier 4 supermonkey ability may also come in handy.

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