Download: Minecraft Horses Ep #1 - A Horse Named Cloudy! (HD)

By ThePoolSharkWizard


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#1 Large Horse Stable w/ Diagram Tutorial:

Small Simple Horse Stable Tutorial:

PlayOnCon 2013 in Alabama Playlist:

PlayOnCon 2014 in Alabama Playlist:

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In this HD Video, we talk about My 1st Horse Cloudy! I ask you folks which and where we should build a Barn or an Awesome Horse Stable? Please let me know in the comments! :)

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FTB - Block Party - Ep #13 - Chunk Loader, World Anchor, Bacon Portal Gun, Ender Chest Pouch:

The Shaft Podcast # 95: PoolSharkWizard:

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Creeper TNT Boom Box:

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2-Way Track Selector Switch Tutorial:

Cave Spider XP Farming Tutorial:

Chicken Farm Tutorial:

Simple Blaze XP Farm:

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