Download: Best Yoga for Energy, Vitality, Detox and Optimum Health: Nu-Detox Yoga by Alessandrina Lerner

By TheEpicSelf


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What is Nu-Detox Yoga?

Nu-Detox Yoga is a creative new branding of yoga, which ingenuously integrates the highly effective disciplines of Qi Gong, Kundalini Yoga, Power Vinyasa, Powerful Breathing techniques, and unique Guided Meditations inspired by the Reiki Tummo and Yoga Nidra traditions.

Who is Nu-Detox Yoga for?

Both beginners and adepts of yoga or/and qi gong will enjoy the unique blend of powerful techniques combined in Nu-Detox Yoga. The practice is most specifically suited to people who are looking for a dynamic and slightly challenging practices, though it is completely accessible to newbies.

How is Nu-Detox Yoga different than a regular yoga class?

Nu-Detox Yoga integrates other practices and is definitely more dynamic but also much deeper than most yoga classes you can participate in because of the integration of Qi Gong, Kundalini and guides meditations derived from Yoga Nidra and Reiki Tummo. This new style of Yoga is especially adapted to a crowd who wants to have a fun, expansive experience and who wants to connect to their child spirit.

What are the main benefits of Nu-Detox Yoga?

Nu-Detox Yoga is the perfect combination of a highly energizing and opening physical practice coupled with deeply relaxing breath-work and guided meditations.

Benefits often experienced as a result of practicing Nu-Detox Yoga regularly include but are not limited to;

- Optimum Detoxification
- Increased Energy & Vitality
- Improved Immunity & Health
- Increased Focus & Concentration
- Decreased Stress & Anxiety
- Better Breathing & Connectedness
- Deep Relaxation, Restoration & Rejuvenation
- Spontaneous Meditation
- Increased Productivity & Enhanced Relationships

What are the limitations and restrictions to the practice of Nu-Detox Yoga?

None. Instructors of Nu-Detox Yoga can adapt their practice to any student no matter their physical capacity and health level.

What are people saying about Nu-Detox Yoga?

Shawn Shalin
'I love this unique Detox Yoga with Alessandrina, it will change your life.'

Dennis Michael Di Vico
'I thoroughly enjoyed and greatly benefitted from yoga and meditation this morning, I feel it working and i am eternally grateful. Your knowledge of kundalini and pranayama techniques is awesome, inspiring and tremendously helpful for preparing for and dealing with business and personal chaos, which we are all at war with nearly every day in this crazy, egocentric world that we often struggle to share with one another. I felt such a release after absorbing your intelligence and your instruction, in front of the beautiful, breathing rhythm of the sea, and it made my day so much more centered, calm, balanced and productive. I look forward to seeing and learning from you tomorrow, and changing my life for the better, eternally; like the infinity symbol/number 8 you drew in the sand; because of your wisdom. Namaste.'

A. Dale Nally
"Wow. I just had the pleasure of taking Alessandrina's Nu-Detox yoga class this morning. It was a perfect balance of effective energy work and a good old fashioned Asana Practice. I usually focus more on the physical practice of yoga, so it was a very enlightening and eye opening experience to be masterfully guided through some mind/ body opening energy and breath work. I espcially appreciated Alessandrina's relaxed and playful approach, and her ability to articulate and explain her practice. Thank you Alessandrina. Looking forward to the next practice.

Erik Guru Lieux

'Feeling very clear, connected, and refreshed right now from sunrise meditation and awesome chi-energy movement practice.'

John Drissel
'I just completed a Nu-Detox Yoga class, and can honestly say that it was the most unique Yoga experience of my life. The class was held in a breathtaking outdoor setting right on the water, and the combination of physical movement, breath work, and meditations was amazing. I left the class feeling relaxed, invigorated, and focused all at the same time and can easily see how the regular practice of these techniques can be extremely effective in relieving stress and providing a sense of peace and connectedness. Alessandrina did a great job of describing what to do physically and mentally, how to focus my attention, and why it would be effective. I look forward to taking many more classes in the future.'