Download: How to make an Infinity Mirror - Tips and Tutorial

By Will Pope


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Hey all,
I don't know what sparked the interest, but I saw someone make their own Infinity Mirror and it looked fun to try. I included as many tips as I can regarding things that worked for me, and things that I wish I wouldv'e done differently.

I spent the longest time trying to find out which tint film people recommended, and it seemed like it was the most common question for everyone else, but it was never answered anywhere!!?? (And if it was it was extremely vague and inconclusive...) Wassup widat???


I can't say which tint film is best because I have only tried this one. But as you can see, it worked great and produced a full effect.

I hope this video helps you with any questions you still had after watching other videos, and have fun making your own. I had a lot of fun making this one.

Post any questions that you still have, and like, comment, and subscribe!

If you happened to like any of the songs, they are originals that I wrote and recorded at home. Check out for more!

Thanks for watching!


-I forgot to mention in the video that the bottle I am spraying on the glass and tint film when I'm applying it is just dish washing detergent and water. Glass cleaner with no ammonia is used for the rest of the "cleaning". (I dont think ammonia-free is required, but I thought it might be a little more gentle on the film.)

-This video was actually rendered in 720p (not 1080p) the raw footage from the gopro was 1080, but I ended up rendering it at 720 because 720 is still a beautiful picture and it takes half the time!