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By Madden - Agario


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After requests of playing without an extension, and complaints saying we're only good because of it, we decided to play a game on "vanilla"
As you can see, UP #1 (FranCE) & SniiKz (ITaLY) plays very similarly to what they normally do, even if they don't have extra tools to help them.

And special shoutout to Nilbek and Singh_sy for making this lovely video happen.

Why do we choose to play with extensions?
Because we feel like it's a much more enjoyable experience playing with it.

Tacacho - Black Swan (feat. Philip Strand)
Nightcore - Numb
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Q: What is the other extension I see in videos that isn't ZTx / agarplus?
A: It's the HKG extension

Q: How can I get that extension?
A: It's a private extension, but you can download the lite version here

Q:How can I see skins / friends on minimap or use the chat?
A: You can't, it's just a lite version.

Q: Why do you almost never use the ZT tag anymore?
A: Since anyone can copy our tag, we decided to just not wear any and recognize each other by names / skins.

Q: Why is the ZT teamspeak private now?
A: We decided to make our teamspeak is now private only for members & special guests, however we have a public alliance team called Unity where you can join

Q: What is Unity?
A: A public team anyone can come play with each other, just head over to their teamspeak and play some games if you want.

Q: What does ƵŦ stand for?
A: Zero Tolerance.

Q: How did ƵŦ come to exist?
A: ƵŦ was formed by couple of friends on skype playing together.

Q: Who created your extension/mod?
A: Our developers Acydwarp, Akira & Nilbek.

Q: How can you have 120 FPS in your videos?
A: Your FPS is based on your monitors refresh rate in my case 120HZ instead of the standard 60HZ.

Q: Why do you have a flower next to your tag?
A: It's to symbolize it's still a part of ƵŦ, even when playing with different tags.

Q: Why does HG eat other ƵŦ's
A: HG is a sub part of ƵŦ made to go against other members.

Q: Who is the leader of ƵŦ?
A: We don't have a single leader. We have a council with 10 members which decides any changes regarding the clan.

Q: How can I get the extension you are using?
A: We have a public version available at

Q: How can I join ƵŦ?
A: We're currently not accepting any new members.

Q: Is there a way to tell between real and fake members?
A: Real members usually plays a little faster & accurate compared to fake ones, but our members can be found under the "about" section on our twitch page

Q: What do you use to record with?
A: I use Nvidia Shadowplay to record my videos.

Q: Why does everyone in ƵŦ use anime pictures?
A: I guess we like anime pictures.