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By SwimmingBird941


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Broadcasting wherever you are, from castle halls to dirt walls, and fighting back Zombie attacks with hard-hitting facts, this is MINECRAFT NEWS! More info for you from Minecraft 1.9 the Combat Update, with tons of news coming out of Minecon 2015, including the new monster Shulker mob, End City dungeons, a Levitation effect, a revamped Ender Dragon fight you can do multiple times to earn Ender Breath ingredients, End Gateways to jump around islands, Chorus Plants with farm-able Chorus Fruit, Dual Wielding between right hand or left hand main or off-hands, new arrow types for every potion effect, Spectral Arrow outlines, combat balance changes, End Stone Bricks & other new purple blocks, Banner Shields, a status effect HUD, Pocket Edition updates, plans for skin texture variations on Mobs, and a trailer for the Minecraft Story Mode spin-off game. There's definitely plenty to do when the first 1.9 Snapshot is finally released soon. Thanks for watching guys!

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