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By Blackhead King


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Wow! Can you imagine going through life covered in horn cysts? It is my understanding that these types of cysts aren't necessarily painful, so I guess that is why he refused treatment. Regardless, I hope this poor man is able to function and the condition doesn't worsen.

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A 55-year-old male farmer presented with asymptomatic, slowly progressive cauliflower-like growths initially appearing on back with subsequent involvement of other parts of body of 20 years duration. There was no preceding history of trauma, bleeding/discharge from lesions or any systemic complaints.

Physical examination revealed multiple skin colored and hyperpigmented soft non tender verrucous plaques and nodules of varying sizes, asymmetrically distributed over limbs and trunk predominantly, with little involvement of palms, soles and scalp [Figure 1], [Figure 2] and [Figure 3]. Hair, nails and mucous membranes were normal

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