Download: Banoo Main Teri Dulhann - Episode 418

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Amar tells Divya that he feels the mansion must have belonged to him in his previous birth! Amar and Divya enter the mansion, and a feeling of d vu engulfs Amar. He then sees a red shawl near a shelf. He takes it and goes to the balcony. Seeing Divya below, he throws it and it lands over her head. Amar recalls hazy images of a boy doing the same to a girl named Vidya, so Amar calls out to Divya as Vidya. He then wonders who Vidya is. Divya then mentions to him about many people in Delhi calling her Vidya. On the other hand, Samrat is angry hearing that Divya has gone out with Amar. Just then Kamna comes to the room and asks him why he appears worked up. Samrat's mood changes and he extends a hand of friendship towards her. Kamna is happy. Later, Hema is about to take Kamna to the jeweller to fetch Kamna's anklets when Sindoora asks Samrat to accompany Kamna because Hema is unwell! Samrat puts the anklet around Kamna's foot and the jeweller tells Samrat that the anklets look lovely on his wife's feet. Kamna blushes. Meanwhile, Amar challenges Divya to eat spicy `golgappa' (A tangy snack), and she accepts it but loses the bet. However, when she returns to Amar's home, she has severe stomach pain. Amar caresses her head and comforts her. Just then Bindiya comes and is hurt seeing this. On the other hand, Sindoora is happy to see Samrat thrilled about having lured Kamna! Sindoora then asks Chandra to ask her men to phone Amar's house and find out where he stays. Chandra phones someone and is shocked! What has Chandra just heard?