Download: YANDERE SIMULATOR- BULLY for SENPAI! (Friendship, Gossip, and Bullying)

By Bijuu Mike


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DONT BULLY! unless you are KOKONA! NEW Yandere Build!
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Here is the New Build/Update for Yandere Simulator! October 8th Here is all the new features added this time around!
- You now have the ability to gossip!
-New Vending machine next to school just like japan
-It is now possible to damage a student’s reputation by gossiping about them with other NPCs.
-You can ask info chan for more information on a student to help with gossiping.
-gossiping damages your own reputation making it less effective it also helps to gather more info on your own about a student and it helps to wear the correct panties to make gossiping more effective.
-Osu girl has new hairstyle that is more like the actual girl from the game.
-new npc with bandanna over his head who also games.
-when getting a students reputation down low enough the other students will begin to shun them and they will no longer be welcome at the school.
-eventually students will put a flower on a students desk which means they wish that he/she was dead.
-After that students will write vulgar language telling the student to "jump off a building" or to "die"
-If rep is damages enough senpai will reject any confession.
-a new Easter egg called x mode
Music By dj-Jo / Zenpaku check out his music here

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