Download: [M.U.G.E.N] 30 Minutes of MUGEN Supers/ Hypers Part 1/2

By MforZorro | Movesets


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L-L-L-Let's Go! Read the full description to skip to characters.
Also, this is not all supers for each characters, I was just too lazy to research sometimes or the characters were unfinished. And this is just the first video...

You got time on your hand, do you? Music is from the Korean Guilty Gear X2 OST. And if you ask "Lolol what is this game, where can I buy it" just friggin Google for once.

0:00 A.B.A (GGXX)
0:13 Akane Inuwaka (Arcana Heart)
0:40 Alien Warrior (AvsP)
1:10 Baiken (GGXX)
1:26 Bridget (GGXX)
1:46 Broly (Super Butouden 2/ Original)
2:07 Baby Bonnie Hood (Darkstalkers)
3:00 Cell (DBZ Hyper Dimension/ Original)
3:45 Chrysalis Alien (AvsP)
3:58 Dante (Devil May Cry/ Original)
5:05 Dio (JoJo Bizarre Adventure)
5:18 Dizzy (GGXX)
5:32 Eddie (GGXX)
5:48 Eko (Arcana Heart)
6:16 Ella (Original)
7:41 Oro (Street Fighter) and Eve (Original)
8:17 Faust (GGXX)
8:50 Ferir (Original)
9:09 Frieza (DBZ, dunno sprite origin/ Original)
9:44 Giano (Original)
10:24 Son Goku/ Goku Z2 (DBZ, Original)
11:22 Grizela and Rucheca (Original)
11:51 Harmir (Original)
12:11 Heart Aino (Arcana Heart)
12:14 Jedah (Darkstalkers)
(Jedah's contract-Super missing, will add to next video)
12:26 Johnny (GGXX)
12:42 Kujo Jotaro (JoJo Bizarre Adventure)
12:48 Judgment (GG Judgment)
13:05 Justice (GGXX)
13:33 Kanna (Eternal Fighter Zero)
14:00 Kliff Undersn (GGXX)
14:10 Konata Izumi (Lucky Star, Original)
15:06 Kuando (Original)
16:16 Leopaldon (GG Isuka)
16:25 Lilica (Arcana Heart)
16:47 Magaki (King of Fighters)
17:02 Mai Kawasumi (Eternal Fighter Zero)
17:18 May (GGXX)
17:33 Mizuka Nagamori (Eternal Fighter Zero)
17:52 Nazuna Inuwaka (Arcana Heart)
18:25 Neo Dio (World Heroes)
18:44 Nero (Devil May Cry/ Original)
18:50 Nu-12 (Blaz Blue)
19:00 Parace (Arcana Heart)
19:46 Petra Johanna Lagerkvist (Arcana Heart)
20:06 Razor Claw Alien (AvsP)
20:21 Royal Guard Alien (AvsP)
20:29 Scharlachrot/ Crimson Valkyrie (Arcana Heart)
20:49 Shadow Dio (JoJo Bizarre Adventure)
20:59 Testament (GGXX)
21:15 SSJ Trunks (DBZ, dunno sprite origin/ Original)
21:44 Ubu (Original)
23:23 Unknown (Eternal Fighter Zero)
23:52 Venom (GGXX)
23:56 Virgil (Devil May Cry/ Original)
24:27 Yoriko, MvC Style (Arcana Heart)
24:47 Arcueid (Melty Blood)
25:20 Axl (GGXX
25:29 Milia (GGXX
25:47 Chipp (GGXX)
26:03 Felicia (Darkstalkers)
26:15 Hisui (Melty Blood)
26:25 I-No (GGXX)
26:37 Kohaku (Melty Blood)
26:50 Lilith (Darkstalkers)
27:15 Morrigan (Darkstalkers)
27:39 Potemkin (GGXX)
27:51 Q-Bee (Darkstalkers)
28:05 Robo-Ky (GGXX)
28:11 Robo-Sol (GG Accent Core/ Original)
28:20 Saiki (King of Fighters)
28:39 Slayer (GGXX)
28:58 Sol Badguy (GGXX)
29:11 Jon Talbain (Darkstalkers)
29:21 Shartel (Original)
29:34 Neco-Arc (Melty Blood)