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Should Ben Pick Audrey to be His Girlfriend and Should Descendants Evie Be Chad’s Girlfriend?

Descendants Episode 44. Now that Descendants Mal has been kidnapped and is not in Auradon anymore, both Chad Charming and Audrey want take advantage of it. They both send letters to Evie and Ben. Meanwhile, Frozen Hans is on the phone with somebody who wants Mal to be gone forever. So Hans takes Mal to Captain Hook and he sets sail for the Isle of the Lost where Mal will be trapped with the Villains from Disney Descendants. Now Audrey and Chad act really concerned about Mal when they find out that Mal is missing. Then Evie and Ben get the letters from Mal, but they were really written by Chad and Audrey. The letters say that Mal has decided to leave Auradon and move back to Isle of the Lost. The letter to Evie says that Mal has changed her mind and thinks that Chad should be Evie’s boyfriend and the letter to Ben says that Mal thinks that Ben should pick Audrey to be his new girlfriend. Evie decides to make Chad is new girlfriend. Should Ben and Audrey by boyfriend and girlfriend.

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