Download: WHF vs. LOS ABOLLAOS Clanwar (LIVE STREAM - Clash of Clans)

By Powerbang Gaming - Clash of Clans


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Donations are not required, but they are most appreciated. The fact is, streaming takes a substantial amount of time and effort. Donations seemingly have a magic, and extraordinarily direct effect on Wife Aggro. The lower the Wife Aggro, the more PB can stream...

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Supporters who reach specific milestones will be rewarded with special prizes as detailed below:

$100+: Powerbang will guest star in a war with your clan and help out wherever necessary (strategy/base building/organization)

$75: Powerbang will send you one non-public Anti-3 star base for TH8 or TH9, or an Anti-2 star base for TH10

$50: Powerbang will shout out and recommend your clan on YouTube (you can't buy this kind of publicity)

$5: Powerbang will pull up your base on the live stream and do a full base review for you



Powerbang runs the WHF clan family -- a competitive war clan system comprised of several clans.

Wiz Honor Face (main): TH9 & TH10
WHF2: TH9 & TH10
WHF Rising: TH8 & TH8.5
Mini WHF: TH7 & Below
WHF Farm: A place to relax and get your farming done.

To review the prerequisites to join the WHF clan family, please check our online application on our website:




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Powerbang has been gaming since the Atari console was popular back in the mid 80's. A sucker for clan or guild based strategy games, PB has ascended to the upper ranks of MANY games on various platforms including: PC, Console (PS3/PS4) & Mobile.

After retiring from the CAL-Invite/CEVO-Professional/CPL competitive CS 1.6 scene in 2005, PB has gone on to various gaming achievements such as multiple Gladiator characters in the World of Warcraft Arena, helping write the Valor mobile game wiki, piloting several characters to Battlemasters in SWTOR, and blowing up countless Nukes & MOABs in COD.

Powerbang currently leads a high level war clan family (Wiz Honor Face & associated clans) in the popular mobile game Clash of Clans, and has a successful YouTube channel dedicated to helping tens of thousands of Clashers get better at one of the world's most popular mobile games.


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