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By Shimmlight


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Well, as you (might) know, I uploaded a preview of this a few days ago and asked whether I should finish it or not. I actually started this like, 3-4 months ago. It is partially inspired by Keyinei's "My House", but mainly it is my ideas. Well, I did, because all of the comments were so lovely and encouraging that it gave me back my inspiration and I spent ages fixing up the chroma keying, adding new colours, and of course, finishing it. Of course, not all of the chroma/masking is perfected, but I feel much better about this video now. At least, it kicks the ass of the last crossover I made XD

Okay, well I have over 300 subscribers now, which is great! I feel loved! XD
Seriously, thank you so much guys, it really does mean a lot to me ^^

Also, this is a dedication to GlowInTehDarkk, as a birthday present for her. I can't say how sorry I am that it is over two weeks late! =( Anyway Glow, I hope you enjoy it!

Alrighty, this is the storyline:
Buster and Steele are mates, and, one day, while they are play-fighting, Buster clocks Dixie and Georgette dancing (they are best friends). Steele then notices also. Buster, who is smitten with Dixie, sneaks up to get a closer look, and literally leaps on top of her. Horrified, Georgette throws a cloth over Buster to stop him, and Dixie walks off in disgust.
Seeing Buster's failure, Steele struts into the situation, and shows off his doggy muscles XD Georgette is totally tranced by Steele, and invites him to her house and into her room... YEAH you get it!
Anyway, after this, Dixie is feeling kinda peed off with Georgette because she isn't really around anymore and she wants a boyfriend as well. In frustration, she lobs her bone over her head, which is caught by Buster, who is trying to impress her again. Dixie, despite her previous encounter with this guy, flirts with him, and then shuts herself in her trailer. She looks out of the window, then spontaniously decides to let him in ;D lol no I am not a pedo XD
At first the two couples are in it for the pure excitement, but soon they actually fall in love, and the video ends with them doing STUFF and having fun as friends and couples.

Well, what do you think? I stayed up til' one in the morning last night to get it done, so I hope you like it!

WARNING: This does contain "sex" scenes and references, so if you are offended by this kind of thing, please don't watch.

Movies used:
Oliver and Company
The Fox and the Hound 2
Lady and the Tramp 2

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