Download: Cancer Survivor Reveals Experience With Structured Water

By The Wellness Enterprise, Inc.


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In this video, Dana Engdahl shares how Structured Water brought her back to life after cancer. Learning about the energy in structured water helped Dana to see she could restore her health and vitality by hydrating with pure, energized water. As a cancer survivor she was depleted and didn't know where to turn to restore her health. Structured water has more energy than reverse osmosis and alkaline water which supports the body to heal itself.

According to a study from Fenestra Research over 94% of people are dehydrated which suggests people aren’t drinking enough high quality hydrating water. Structured water provides an answer to this problem by creating water that tastes and feels great. People enjoy drinking, showering and watering their plants with structured water and as a result they are better hydrated.

Structured water is better than traditional water filters like reverse osmosis, carbon block filters, charcoal filters or coconut filters because it uses physics (instead of chemistry) to energize water and neutralize all of the toxins like chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, and more.

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