Download: danny & riley | How you got the girl [+4x22]

By Emanda Thorne


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▶show: baby daddy
▶pairing: danny and riley
▶coloring: hardbecks (
▶song: at the end of the video
▶Program: Sony Vegas Pro 11

« I want you for worse or for better,
I would wait forever and ever,
Broke your heart, I'll put it back together.
I want you forever and ever »

Ok, I was traveling all august, it's basically a miracle I could watch 4x22 in the first place. But I did it.
I finished this video now, but I created it when internet was not an option, and I had little time, so I don't know, maybe I would have worked on it more, but I want share my love for this amazing conclusion!

And now I'm happy, I'm so happy that I'm not even bother by the fact that we don't know if Riley will say yes or what ("no" obviously is not an option). I read TvLine interview and I'm SO POSITIVE about season 5.
They're finally together ♥
Now you can show me everything, funny situation about this relationship, everything you want, but the triangle is off, Riley is in love with Danny, Danny is in love with Riley.
I can't even believe it's finally happened!! I'm in shock, I watched the scene a million times!

Now I wish they will introduce a new love interest for Ben, maybe a recurring role, "not just some random girl you can get and then forget!" (I'm quoting, yes, I'm a little bit obsessed, don't judge).

Back to the video, I really want to use this song, because it immediatly make me think of them.

Hope you like it! ♥
ps. Now I have to catch up all the incredible videos about them surely are waiting for me! I'm so happy!!


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