Download: Amy VS Pinkie

By AnimatedJames


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WARNING: This cartoon contains a dangerous amount of 4th wall breaking. Cautionary measures are recommended. This has been known to kill people.

Sonic VS Rainbow Dash:
Tails VS Twilight:

Thank you Nat for voicing Amy:

Thank you Rina-Chan for voicing Pinkie:

Thank you EmberDim for helping out with the background art:

Thank you Ali for reprising your role as RD:

Thank you J.D. for the terrific music "Quirky Spicatto Strings":

And Thank you Raul for letting me use the rockin' "BlackHead":

Knuckles VS Applejack is the next one in the Sonic VS MLP series. Finally getting out of the girliness a little bit.

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Also, to everyone who said "Do Shadow VS Luna!!!"...... Yeah, I'm not doing that. If I did, I'd have to do Celestia VS Someone, and no one is equal to Celestia in the Sonic Universe... except maybe Chaos.