Download: Epic Rap Battles Of History (Pony Parody) Season 2 - Fluttershy VS Photo Finish

By Brony459


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So I haven't made a Epic Rap Battles of History (Pony Parody) in a month. That is mostly due to the request I have been getting weren't really good. So I decided to make one that was actually requested to me on Facebook by the same guy that goes by the same name. He requested this as soon as the original battle came out actually and I have though about doing it. So this video was planned 3 months ago to do.

So anyways this rap battle is between ponyville's former model, Fluttershy facing off against her former manager, Photo Finish. So..... Model VS Manager? This should be interesting.

Episodes I used (Oldest to newest)
Sonic Rainboom
Stare Master
Green isn't your color
A bird in the hoof
The return of Harmony, Part 1
May the best pet win
Putting your hoof down
Keep calm and Flutter on

Green Screen cuts I used
Fluttershy cut out 1:

Fluttershy cut out 2:

Fluttershy cut out 3:

Other videos I used
Picture Perfect Pony by JanAnimations:

ERBOH (PP) #7: Applebloom VS Gilda:

ERBOH (PP) #10- Princess Cadence VS Rarity:

ERBOH (PP) #13- Octavia VS Scootaloo:

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- I do now own the Epic Rap Battles of History. Credit goes to NicePeter, EpicLloyd and everyone else who helped make the Epic Rap Battles Of History series.

- I do now own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Credit goes to Hasbro and The Hub.