Download: Gravity falls-Rain on Dipper (animation TEST)

By Maya 525


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Initializing link download... Initializing link download.....

There was an error with video show, so i can't make more clips for some reason ;-;
And also the flash in the beggining... I don't know what happened to my video editor.. It just flashes when i upload it...
But this is the finish (?) project that i make

I tried to make mable look like a ghost
Like in starwars you know?

If you don't understand the story
Then its okay, because it was just a test anyway
But the story is:
Dipper is sad that Mabel got killed
But then Bill tries to take over Dipper and mabel is just sitting down with dipper

By the way, this animation was inspired by Mike inel's videos
Thats why it has some similarities
But its actually Mabel and Dipper, not pacifica with dipper

I got the sound from this:

But, hope you like it :)

And Sorry if its not good enough

Programs used: ibis paint x (mobile), videoshow (mobile)
And i draw with my hands
Time took: like 3 days, but not full days..