Download: ❄ Fear Will Be Your Enemy ❄ Elsa & Pitch

By Monty7395


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Some sort of sequel :

This was more of a project I started about age back, then I got sidetracked by other videos. Didn't think I'd get any further on this video, so decided to upload as is. :D
I don't really like it too much, but meh.
Slight Plot:
Elsa discovers her powers. She is told that fear will be her enemy when it comes to using them, otherwise they will become uncontrollable.
Pitch, in all his darkly evilness, senses her powers though, and takes interest. He starts to watch her as she grows, seeing how fearful she is becoming about how strong her powers are getting.
When she reveals herself at the coronation ball, and runs away in fear, Pitch confronts her. He wants her to join with him, so he can exploit her powers.
Elsa, however, senses his intentions and refuses to join him.
This makes Pitch angry, so he attacks her and uses his powers to start to influence her and turn her evil.
Elsa, under his influence, uses her powers to bring snow over Arendelle.

And, thats as far as I got. :P Hopefully understandable and good enough as a stand alone just as it is.

Clips are from Frozen and Rise of the Guardians. The music is Davy Jones Theme, from Pirates of the Caribbean. None are mine.