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This is a review and extended water test for SONAX High Speed Wax. The paint was prepped using Meguiar's M205, followed up with an IPA wipedown. High Speed Wax was applied to the left side fender and hood facing the car, and Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer was applied to the right side hood and fender.

Sonax is marketing this product as a fast working wax as you dry spray wax/sealant. You can also use it when the paint is fully dry without issues. High Speed Wax uses a combination of carnauba wax along with synthetic ingredients to provide a longer lasting spray wax to deliver a very smooth surface and high gloss finish. It smells similar to P21S 100% Carnauba Paste Wax, and it also has a thinner consistency compared to Brilliant Shine Detailer. It comes out in a nice spray pattern in a milky white color, very easy to spread across the paint, a few light sprays per panel should get the job done. I recommend having a separate microfiber towel to give it that final clean wipedown after working it in with your first microfiber. If you're using it as a drying aid, you'll have no issues using a regular microfiber drying towel to dry the car off after spraying it down with High Speed Wax, I again recommend a final wipedown with a separate towel for that final buff.

As you can see from the water test, it holds up very nicely by itself. For testing purposes I apply these products without any base layer product underneath, but I usually apply spray waxes and spray sealants on top of base layer waxes and sealants to help maintain them throughout the weeks and months. If you're looking to maintain that super slick carnauba based gloss and shine from your paste wax, High Speed Wax should maintain those properties well. If you're really looking for a product that is going to give you longer lasting protection and water beading, Brilliant Shine Detailer will be the one you want to go with, although it will not leave you with quite as slick a paint surface.

You can find Sonax High Speed Wax at most online detailing retail sites in the U.S. for right around $13 for 500ml (16.9oz).

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