Download: Lightning Lass and Awesome Girl VS The Doom Troopers

By super hero


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Starring JC Simpson as Awesome Girl
Starring Kristin Cameron as Lightning Lass

Lightning Lass has been ambushed by the Doom Militia. They already took out her power belt which she uses to amplify her natural lightening powers. Even though she is unable to shoot lightening bolts her gloves still give her lightening and she has her natural lightening speed. She easily dodges the incoming fire from the Doom Troopers and in a blur rushes up and begins to pummel the evil super soldiers. She thinks she has them beaten but she underestimates just how tough these genetically altered cyborg soldiers are. Fortunately for her just when all seems lost the incredibly super-powered AWESOME GIRL shows up. The doom troopers w-pon's fire deflects harmlessly off of her force field and she easily over comes the villains and performs CPR to resuscitate Lightening Lass. With her awesome strength she LIFTS and CARRIES the fallen at a full run, It seems they are about to escape when an explosion sends both of the Superheroines tumbling to the ground in a blast of fire, shrapnel and smoke. Awesome Girl quickly recovers and leaps to her feet, she laughs when she sees the doom troopers taking aim, this time her field doesn't activate on time and she is rocked by shot after shot, only her awesome resilience keeps her standing but the troopers rush in and beat the weakened superheroine the ground. With one final surge of energy Awesome Girl blasts her enemies back and flees for her life, flipping rolling and tumbling to dodge the troopers fire. Awesome Girl has been forced to LEAVE the FALLEN LIGHTNING LASS BEHIND!!! Now the evil doom troopers have their way with poor helpless Lightening Lass

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