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By girlishyoo


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Rough English Translation as below:
H = Host, A = Alec

H : Your the most important partner, Zhao Wei (Vicki) and Lin Xin Ru (Ruby).. Ei.. Which one do you prefer to work with? This one quite hard to be answer.. You will be blamed for the one you have chosen..
A : Xin ru ba (Ruby)..
H : You prefer to work with Xin Ru (Ruby)..
A : Because she will come to watch the stage drama, I can vote her..
H : What if (whoever name I can't listen properly) come, maybe she will sit beside Ruby and watch the movie..
A : Yes yes, no doubt, that must be her..
Another guest : What if Zhao Wei come in a sudden when the bill have been paid?
A : Then I will have gathering with her in private, hehe..
H : You prefer to work with Ruby, is that mean you dislike work with Vicki?
A : It shouldn't be say in that way, because lately Ruby had confirmed that she will come, so I must be have brotherhood and vote her.
H : Okay. From a man point of view, Vicki and Ruby, who is suitable to be your wife?
A : I think both of them are not suitable..
H : Why?
A : Too close..
H : Why it is unsuitable when you guys are too close? Wife must be very close person..
A : The closeness level has been over the level of getting relationship.. So it is a little too late to ask this question.. If you ask me this question 8 years ago which I just know them, I can tell you the answer..
H : Now I ask, will you find couple in the entertainment industry?
A : Actually I think some things are unpredictable, especially feeling. You might think a lot at first, but when the fate comes to you, you will fall in love with a person that you have never thought before. So I says..
H : So you might fall in love with either Vicki or Ruby?
A : Hahaha, you are very brilliant..
H : Actually it is possible for those close person..
A : if both parties are in the entertainment business, both parties need to have a good mindset and be secure surrounding their relationship... The Media like hearsay evidences, or like to convey a message through the media, in fact, if the things between each other are not enough, misunderstandings will emerge easily. Sometimes, it is hard for you to determine the truth of the feelings in the entertainment industry. Because it might be involved some rendering and publicity issues. So I said it isn't impossible, but have to be more careful.