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Tom and Jerry - トムとジェリー 真ん中 「ボクはスポーツカー」 480PX
トムとジェリー(英語原題 Tom and Jerry).

吹替 - 八代駿(TBS版)→ダン小路/肝付兼太(新吹き替え(ハンナ=バーベラ版、チャック・ジョーンズ版))→肝付兼太(新吹き替え(ジーン・ダイッチ版)、新作、ヘラルド・ポニー版)、高橋和枝(おかしなおかしな トムとジェリー 大行進)、高木渉(新トムとジェリー(トムとジェリーキッズ シーズン1))、堀内賢雄/肝付兼太(『ポップコーン』枠)、チョー(コスミック出版)


吹替 - 藤田淑子(TBS版)→チマ/堀絢子(新吹き替え(ハンナ=バーベラ版、チャック・ジョーンズ版))→堀絢子(新吹き替え(ジーン・ダイッチ版)、新作、ヘラルド・ポニー版)、太田淑子(おかしなおかしな トムとジェリー 大行進)、ならはしみき(新トムとジェリー(トムとジェリーキッズ シーズン1))、よこざわけい子(コスミック出版)


吹替 - 藤田淑子(TBS版)→小桜エツコ(VHS・DVD版)→前田ゆきえ/小桜エツコ(トムとジェリー テイルズ)→小桜エツコ(新作)、丹下桜(コスミック出版)

スパイクの吹替 - 北村弘一(TBS版)→宝亀克寿/島香裕(VHS・DVD版,新作,コスミック出版)、滝口順平/緒方賢一/玄田哲章(ヘラルド・ポニー版)、渡部猛(トムとジェリー キッズ)

ブッチの吹替 - 鹿島信哉(TBS版)→田中亮一→西村朋紘(VHS・DVD版,新作)
吹替 - 小林清志・荘司美代子(TBS版)→八代駿・滝沢ロコ(VHS・DVD版)→武田幸史・加藤悦子(トムとジェリー ショー)


吹替 - 滝沢ロコ(ビーディ、トムとジェリー ショー)・定岡小百合(ヒルディ、トムとジェリー ショー)

Tom and Jerry is an American animated series of short films created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. It centers on a rivalry between its two main characters, Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse, and many recurring characters, based around slapstick comedy.

In its original run, Hanna and Barbera produced 114 Tom and Jerry shorts for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer from 1940 to 1957. During this time, they won seven Academy Awards for Animated Short Film, tying for first place with Walt Disney's Silly Symphonies with the most awards in the category. After the MGM cartoon studio closed in 1957, MGM revived the series with Gene Deitch directing an additional 13 Tom and Jerry shorts for Rembrandt Films from 1960 to 1962. Tom and Jerry then became the highest-grossing animated short film series of that time, overtaking Looney Tunes. Chuck Jones then produced another 34 shorts with Sib-Tower 12 Productions between 1963 and 1967. Two more shorts were produced, The Mansion Cat in 2001 and The Karate Guard in 2005, for a total of 163 shorts. Various shorts have been released for home media since the 1990s.

A number of spin-offs have been made, including the television series The Tom and Jerry Show (1975–77), The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show (1980–82), Tom & Jerry Kids (1990–94), Tom and Jerry Tales (2006–08), and The Tom and Jerry Show (2014-present). The first feature-length film based on the series, Tom and Jerry: The Movie, was released in 1992 before ten direct-to-video films were produced between 2002 and 2013.

Numerous Tom and Jerry shorts have been subject to controversy, mainly over racial stereotypes which involves the portrayal of the recurring black character Mammy Two Shoes and characters appearing in blackface. Other controversial themes include cannibalism and the glamorization of smoking.

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