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First introduced in 1983, the Casio G-Shock conjured the idea that a delicate piece of jewellery like the wristwatch could be made to withstand some serious abuse. Built around the triple ten concept, every G-Shock has a ten year battery life, is water resistant to ten bar and can survive a ten metre fall onto a hard surface. We know the Casio G-Shock is tough, but we wanted to see just how tough it really is.

To test the G-Shock to its utter limits, we set up our own gruelling five stage test. The first test was similar to the one the original G-Shock suffered, except instead of ten metres, we dropped it from ten storeys—well, fourteen. It plummeted completely unprotected the full height, meeting the concrete below at 60mph. It survived, showing only mild scuffing on one side.

Next, we perfumed a crush test, where the Casio G-Shock was subjected to several runs from a 30-tonne dump truck. Just to be sure the G-Shock wasn’t slipping between the tread blocks of the truck, we performed a final slow run with the G-Shock lined up against a solid portion of tyre. Again it remained functional, with no extra signs of damage.

At this point of the test it seemed that impact energy wasn’t going to destroy the G-Shock, so we resorted to a different kind of energy: heat. In a twisted version of the water-resistance test, we submerged the G-Shock and boiled it for several minutes. When the watch emerged the display had gone blank, and we thought the end had come, but as it cooled it came back to life, with no adverse affects. So we tried an ice test, submerging the G-Shock again and freezing it overnight. As the ice melted away, we could see that the G-Shock was fine and fully functional.

There was only one thing for it—the final test had to be the big one. From five metres, we filled the G-Shock with lead travelling at over 700mph, and its day was done. It had fared well, but the mighty shotgun was just too much. Suffice to say, we were very impressed with the capabilities of the Casio G-Shock, and think it has well and truly earned it’s name.

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