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Heda Hamzatova Хеда Хамзатова, gadis muslim tercantik di dunia pada pandanganku ini berasal dari Chechnya. Dalam video ini beliau menyanyi lagu patriotik pahlawan Kristian Armenia 'Hay Qajer' populer masa di zaman perang dulu. MasyaAllah, cantiknya gadis Heda Hamzatova ini hingga bergetar rusuk kiri ku... Cantik banget..subahanallah..bidadari syurga, tapi kalau anda sudah beristeri, katakanlah bahawa isteri anda paling cantik di dunia. Ini adalah link kepada facebaok beliau:

"Chechen muslim girl sings Armenian patriotic song". The song this young Chechen lady, proclaimed by many as one of the most beautiful Muslim woman int he world, sings is "Hye Kajer", which translates something like Hye (Armenian) Freedom Fighter, or Patriotic Defender. It is evidently THE Armenian patriotic song. This Chechen girl, Heda Hamzatova, sings it before an Armenian audience, in Armenian. The Chechen language and Armenian are completely different. Most Chechens and most Armenians speak Russian so they have that in common, but not much else.

Watch the audience as she sings. They are mostly indifferent at first, some seem outright shocked like they are wondering what this Muslim is doing singing THEIR song, and some look outright hostile. Also, the Armenian flag is on the state in the background next to the Russian one, and Armenian president Sergz Sargsyan is in the front row at 1:51 in the front row of the audience.

As she gets into it more the audience begins to warm to her. She sings her heart out and wins most of them over with her smile and the force of her personality. Some remain unmoved and frowning throughout but most are clapping and smiling by the end.

Sometimes I will get to wondering about something and end up googling it for more information. Recently I was wondering whether Armenia uses the Cyrillic alphabet or Roman alphabet (They have their own, but also use Cyrillic.) Silly, I know, but us old broke down cowboys gotta do something with our time. While searching for info on it I ran across a link to a YouTube video that went something like "Chechen girl sings Armenian patriotic song". I watched it. It really didn't affect me much at first, a song in a language I don't understand in a country that I have no connection to.

Later I got to thinking about it and it hit me that it was something out of the ordinary. Armenia is a Christian nation, in fact they claim to be the first Christian nation. Chechnya is Muslim. Armenia has a long and bloody history of conflict with their Muslim neighbors that still simmers to this day. They were occupied by the Ottoman Turk Empire, which lead to brutal ethnic conflict and a huge loss of life for Armenians. They were involved in an on and off war with Muslim Azerbaijan post WWI. Then when the Soviet Union began to come apart tensions with Azerbaijan over borders lead to renewed hostilities in the late 1980s-early '90s.

It's singing about Armenian civilians who took up arms to defend Armenia from the Turks in world war 1 after the Armenian genocide.

In the beginning it says "hayoc azgi kuys axchikner, asgyarner xlin taran", it means "they came and took the Armenian people's virgin girls away", and it says at the end "Hayastani sirun hamar, kam mah kam azatutyun" which means "for Armenia's beauty, we will have either death or freedom".

It's basically a patriotic song about self defense of Armenia from enemy forces.

I don't have a dog in this fight and only mention it as background, I'm not taking any sides.

Armenians refer to themselves as Hye, not Armenians. They call their country Hayastan, also sometimes spelled Hayasdan.

I thought it was kind of cool. Check this video out.

Here are some responses from the viewers:

Isa Baby: A beautiful song by a beautiful girl. Even though i didn't know the language but i got the spirit behind...something about one country far far away from my country.

Seda Chechenska: Respect .. how the peace and love broke the boarders we made by saying different religion, different race, different languages,, just love each other and live in peace then we will see how marvelous world we would have

Ethem Pilavci: She is so beautiful, mashaAllah !

Mohamed Abdillah: en satu lagi dia kerudungnya kaya kerudung wanita indonesia model jadul banget kaya zaman indonesia perang, cuma di slampirkan, tapi ok kok, eyke suka.

Илланча Хеда Хамзатован фан клуб.