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By DellEugenio


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Dear lord, I worked like 8 hours straight on this one and I masked so much these two I'm so tired. Elsa's hands took like 40 minutes o.O And even with that amount of time, it still turned out something rushed and crappy. I seriously didn't like the way it turned out... Except maybe for the beggining, but that's it. But my love for Jelsa simply made me finish this.

Because OTP, you know.

Elsa and Jack meet when they're kids and they play around a lot with Elsa's powers. One day, though, Jack falls into the river. Elsa keeps blaming herself for that, because she believes it was her fault. Many years later, Jack is back as a guardian. He hears someone crying and goes to Elsa. She recogizes him, but he doesn't recognize her, what breaks her heart. But he then remembers her and they happily play around, until Jack hears a call. He says he'll be right back, but when he leaves Elsa starts to believe he wasn't really there, after all she killed him. This causes her to freeze all the land and Jack goes save her.
But once she didn't believe in him anymore, she couldn't see him. Or could she?

- Open End -

It's up to you to decide if she saw him in the ending or if he was invisible to her.

This is so terrible and rushed I can't even -.-

As promissed, Courtney, this is for you ^^ Not only for being my twin but also for making that awesome (even if heart breaking) Kristoff/Flynn video for me. Seriously, it kills me everytime I watch it, what means I've died 78,541,258 times already XD And of course, because you love Jelsa, like me! Remember when I asked you if you shipped them and your answer was "Duh they're perfect"? I do XD
Also go sub her because she's just so amazing:

So enjoy this crap, all of you.

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