Download: Smaug and Saphira - Dance with the Devil

By Alicia Donovan


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This is just for fun, it has nothing to do with my other videos or my fanfictions. But I actually enjoyed making this, it's rather dark yet exciting! Tell me if you think I should use these two again in future videos. :)

Summary: Smaug senses something isn't quite right, and so investigates and sees Saphira flying outside of his mountain. Greedy for her beauty and because she is one of the last females of his kind, Smaug ambushes her and abducts her. Saphira awakens within Erebor and is immediately defensive and suspicious. Smaug offers her the proposition of becoming his mate, but she refuses. As days go by, Smaug charms Saphira, trying to get her to co-operate with him, and although she is drawn to him, she doesn't want to remain a prisoner forever. Saphira eventually comes up with the idea of bargaining for her freedom, and so strikes a deal with Smaug. She transforms rocks into diamonds, and Smaug is immediately shocked at her ability and so goes back on his word, knowing that she can provide him with more treasure then before. Saphira is enraged by his betrayal, and so magaes to surprise attack Smaug and escapes. Smaug is furious and goes after her, they end up in a battle, which Saphira ultimately loses.