Download: Cotton Mask, natural DIY method to moisturizer your skin for young looking, healthy skin

By Koko Hayashi


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What you need for cotton mask is this kind of paper type cotton.

Find your favorite serum, lotion or anti-aging moisturizer.

Apply it all over the face gently. don't rub your skin as it can break skin's sensitive fiber . Rubbing makes wrinkles.

Soak a little bit water to wet the cotton, but just a little not too much and you can peel one by one. By the way, It might be hard to find this kind of cotton in US, but I guess you can use tissue instead. Or buy from it's very cheap.

Peel the cotton and Apply the cotton all over the face. You should apply really close to eyes the too, because eye area is very sensitive and dry, so you wanna nourish it.
Why do I use wet cotton? Wet cotton enables to penetrate the serum more deeply. Imagine you pour water on dry land, or wet land. Which is easier, which better? In dry land, the water really doesn't be absorbed in the land because the surface is too dry. but in wet land, it dose better, right? The same principle applies to the face care too. This is kind of the same as expensive paper mask like $10 for just one mask. You don't have to buy such expensive, just use cheap cotton like this and any of your favorite face serum, lotion, or cream can be used as face mask like this. It's very relaxing, and feels really good. It dose look scary, so don't show off in front of your boy friend, especially if it's new relationship. According to cosmopolitan magazine I read recently, one of the things guys get turned off is seeing your girlfriend doing this kind of face mask. It's very weird to them.

Wait 3 minuites. but never more than 3 minuets, because if you do over 3 munuites, the cotton starts absorbing your skin's natural moisture. you don't want that.

In this way, you will enjoy hydrated and super supple skin in just 3 minutes.

♡Mirai Clinical