Download: Remote Control Car using 4 channel IR Relay Module

By GrandadIsAnOldMan


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Edward Lakin commented on my project titled "Using infrared 4 relay remote control for bells and whistles etc ". He asked "Can you try make a steering system please?"
Well that car chassis is not currently available and fitting steering on it would require a major rebuild anyway. I am guessing the main reason for the question was to use the Infrared to control the steering anyway so I used the module to control the remains of one of those cheap r/c cars I stripped the receiver from to make an r/c boat recently. The circuit diagram is included at the end of the video.

The main issue is that when you press a button the relay stays operated. You have to press it again to cancel it. The normal cheap rc controls revert to the centre when you release the button. So when it is heading towards the wall, just taking your finger off the button does not stop the car. You have to press it again to stop it which is counter intuitive.
On top of that, there is a noticeable delay while the relays operate which can make you double press in panic.

There may be a simple mod to the circuit board to make the relay 'non-latching' but I didn't notice it.

Main components
4 channel IR relay module
This is the eBay link I used
Cheap r/c car minus the r/c receiver

Main Tools
Soldering iron

Filmed using FujiFilm FinePix S4800
Edited using Serif MoviePlus Starter Edition

This is the car that Edward commented on
and here is the boat I used the original r/c receiver from that car I put the IR module on in today's project

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