Download: Real Life Combustible Lemon Launcher, by Aperture Science! (Original Short)

By A. C. Rusinov


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When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade! Shoot them back at life and burn life's house down with those lemons!! That's right! With the Combustible Lemon Launcher, from Aperture Science!
Throwing the lemons back at life is for sissies! Use the firepower that only the Combustible Lemon launcher can provide you, so you don't leave a spot unburned! Plus it shoots 60% more lemon per lemon! You'll never find a better deal! Call now and own your own Combustible Lemon Launcher!!

Ok, Don't actually do it, this was just a mock commercial and the Combustible Lemon Launcher is not for sale.

I bought Portal 2 a few months ago and as soon as I heard that epic speech by Cave Johnson I knew I had to build one! 'Cause, you know, I've been making lemonade for way too long!
I started researching and found Fil Romero's drawing, on which I decided to base my version of the Combustible Lemon Launcher. So please visit her Deviant Art page to see more of her awesome work:

The materials used for this build were pretty much styrofoam, PVC and paper mache, since I had to work on this in my spare time and on my own money I couldn't spend on more expensive materials and I had to work quick. The gun has some electronics too but the LED light was not noticeable on camera due to the strong lights I used to light up the scene (1200 watts in total!), I had to re-touch the LED light in post-production.

The great Tony Lorenzini lended his voice for this project but I had to tweak it a bit in the audio software to make it sound more Cave-Johnson-ish.

As always we made a few mistakes, so be sure to check the blooper reel for some extra LOLs!

Programs Used:
-Adobe After Effects CS3.
-Adobe Photoshop CS3.
-Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Edition.
-Half-Life Model Viewer.

Thanks for watching (and reading) and If you have any questions please ask them in the comment section down below and I will add them to this part so everybody can read them!

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P.S.: I don't do tutorials, so don't ask for tutorials.