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Welcome to to Tomodachi Life, the brand new game for the Nintendo 3DS! We live on an island, where your Miis interact together in an apartment building, making friends, fighting, falling in love, wearing costumes, eating hamburgers, having rap battles, playing concerts, going on RPG quests, & dreaming the most bizarre dreams. It's basically the Sims meets Animal Crossing, yet even more weird! I'm gonna start with my own Mii, but we have an insane collection of characters to come live on Delmiino island with us & spice it up, including a T-Rex, Shaq, Mario, Pooh Bear, Samus, the Kool-Aid Man, & tons more! Every Mii can have their own unique voice, personality, dreams, & desires. We just have to help these little guys find happiness...or encourage them to destroy each other! If you're excited for Tomodachi Life & enjoy this video, please leave a like & maybe subscribe if you haven't...we're in for an interesting time, to say the least! Reviews have been pretty good, though I'll give my final review once we unlock as much as we can. Let me know if you're having fun and thanks for watching!

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LAST TIME - Pop Song Smash, Waluigi Treadmill, Horse Bikini:

Part 21: Goofy Proposes! Wedding Marriage Mii Homes
( Episode 21: Dracula's Mystery Outfit, Recap, Goofy's Fireworks Marriage Proposal, Love Minigame, Awkward Clap, Stomach Medicine Gift, Velma & Goofy's Wedding, Honeymoon Trip to Africa, Desert Sand Treasure, Book Gift, News Flash - Mii Homes Unlock, Velma & Poe Friendship, Laptop Gift, Hypnotizer, Breaking Mii News - Delmiino Festival, Gingerbread Cake & Legend of Finn Perform, Burger King's Amusement Park Mystery Bag - Ice Cream Cone, Doughnut & Binoculars, Epona's Cafe Coffee, Kool-Aid Man Chills Out & Dracula Courts Death, Andre the Giant Daydreams in the Park, Fountain Donation Event, Clothes Shopping - Long-day Outfit, Striped T-Shirt, Waitress Uniform, Hat Shopping - Finn's Bear Hat with Ears & Hunting Hat, Import Shop, Interior Shopping, Mii Apartments, Dracula's New Outfit - Formal Shorts Suit, News Flash - Pampered Ranking, Pamper Mii, Mr. Mime's New Jester Outfit Costume, Waking Ponyo, New Fish Hat, Slender Man's 3DSXL, Concert Incoming )

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