Download: Preet Se Bandhi Yeh Dori...Ram Milayi Jodi - Episode 300

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Ketaki tells Bharati that Mona had overheard her conversation with Aditya. She wonders if Mona will create some new problem for them. Bharati tells Ketaki that Mona had expressed her suspicion that Ketaki and Aditya knew each other. Ketaki tells her that once the fashion show is over, Aditya and Mona will not work together. Bharati laments that she will never see her son again. Anukalp feels bad that he did not even wish Mona good luck for her show. Anukalp tells his colleague that Mona has forgotten their first anniversary. His colleague tells him to call Mona and tell her that he will take her out. Anukalp calls Mona and asks her when her show will end. He tells her that he needs to take her out on dinner. Mona tells him that she cannot go to dinner. Anukalp gets upset. Meanwhile, everyone at the Gandhi family is busy decorating the house for the party. The Bedi family arrives to help them in the preparations. Aditya and Mona arrive. Mona is surprised to see the decorations. Aditya tells everyone that their show was a huge success. Hetal does not like that everyone is praising Mona. Sejal tells Mona to call Anukalp. Mona calls Anukalp and tries to talk to him but he cuts the call. Sejal tells Mona that Anukalp will be happy once he comes home. Anukalp gets angry when no one opens the door. He uses his key to open the door. He is sad that the house is in darkness and laments that no one remembers his anniversary. Suddenly, the lights come on and Anukalp is surprised. Everyone wishes Mona and Anukalp. Aditya tells Anukalp that he was involved in the party preparations. Anukalp apologises to Aditya for not having understood him. Anukalp apologises to Mona too. She tells him that his ego was bigger than their love and so he never wished her either. Anukalp gives her a gift as a token of apology. Later, Sejal blindfolds Anukalp and leads him outside for his gift. Anukalp is pleasantly surprised to see a new car. Mona tells Anukalp that Aditya helped her in getting the car. Karan praises Anukalp and Mona. He thanks Mona for making him proud. Daarji too praises and blesses Mona and Anukalp. Mona and Anukalp cut their anniversary cake. Sejal tells Mona and Anukalp to put garlands around each other's neck.