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Initializing link download... Initializing link download..... -- The ElectraFlyer was first introduced by Randall Fishman At the US Sport Aviation Expo 2012. At Sun N Fun 2012 he showed a new design this design featured a twin boom tail section, and was called the ElectraFlyer ULS. Unfortunately it did not fly at the show.

At Airventure 2012 Randall had on display and was flying the ElectraFlyer ULS. The single seat ultralight motorglider features all composite construction. It is an electric powered aircraft in a pusher configuration. It uses standard aircraft three axis controls in a tricycle gear set up.

Powered is supplied by two batteries located in the wings of the aircraft. With the larger battery pack giving just over two hours of flight time when the electric motor is used full-time.

Is expected that the batteries will last with today's technology approximately 10 years. Realizing that battery technology is expanding in leaps and bounds it is not unrealistic to think that in 10 years time battery life could be 10 to 100 times more efficient.

If one were to calculate 10 years worth of flight time in a conventional ultralight aircraft using a two-stroke aircraft engine at 4 gallons per hour plus oil over 1000 hours at roughly $5.00 U.S. with the fuel consumption of 4 gallons per hour it would mean that you have spent $20,000 in fuel! This of course is not take into account that most two-stroke engines have to be rebuilt every 2 to 300 hours at a cost of between 1500 and $3000. Video and Audio content is Copyright © Sport Aviation Magazine. This video and audio material may not be reproduced in any form without written permission.

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