Download: 【PV】LUVORATORRRRRY! (Reol + 96neko ft. nqrse) (+lyrics)

By Folie a Deus


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Epilepsy warning! I mean seriously I didn't even use much of the PV but it gets pretty crazy...
For best viewing watch in high quality in full screen mode :3
"Bolts? Nuts? They're all just BAD!" This is one of my favourite Vocaloid songs ever, it always puts me in a good mood. Reol and 96neko are both incredible singers, so I decided to make their versions into a duet ^^
I can't say I'm completely sure what the rap parts translate to, which is why they're not subtitled. Sorry about that ^^;
The funniest thing about this is how 96neko's voice keeps changing. I promise you it's her singing the whole time (yes she's a girl), she's just talented enough to sing in loads of different ways ^^
Also uhm~ nqrse is an utaite rapper, he was in Reol's cover of this song. He uses that pink female avatar to represent himself, but yeah he's a guy. I had fun around 1:20 making it sound like nqrse was the guy Reol and 96neko were after. But we all know that 96neko wants Len, really :3
Yellow text = Reol and 96neko both singing by the way~
I only noticed when I was about halfway through editing on movie maker what an awful job I did of editing the background images... By that point it was way too late to change them, so I'm just sorry I can't edit ^^;

Music: GigaP
Lyrics: Reol (yup she's multi talented)
Original vocals: GUMI and Rin Kagamine

Reol and nqrse' version:
96neko version:
Original (PV w/ subs):

I do not own anything in this video apart from the editing and mixing! And subtitling but the translation is from the video I just linked ^^