By Gerald Baggett


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Welcome to my tutorial for how to rename a package file for a android application

Things you will need to do this correctly is notpad++ which i am using right now

to download the program use

Also you will need to have APK Multi-Tools off the github website or from my website

after you download the program extract it to the C DRIVE

You might have to use the setup script to build the needed directories which is the setup.bat and run option 3 then close out the script

if you need further info on the rest of the option for more advanced installations which is only for advanced users or though who been using the android developer tools and know what they are doing.

but anyways lets get back on track now we need a apk to decompile which i already have in the folder for modding

now we want to run the script.bat to get this started

as you can see in the menu option 27 will set the current project but since there is just one apk file in the for modding folder the tool has already set it up for us so we can skip this step but the next step we want will be option 9 to decompile the apk file

after the apk file is done decompiling it gives us a option to open the project folder so we want to select y for yes

for this step we want to edit the manifest in this folder

look for the package which will be located here

We want to rename this so we can have multiple copies so let do this

as you noticed i used replace all inside just the xml now we have to move on to the next stage which is to rename the package in the decompiled source and by doing this we want to create a new folder

now move all the content in that folder into the new folder

now here is the tricky part of the process

in this process we want to look for this


and rename it in all the find in files of the apktool folder

to this

open up one of the file in the editor and going to use it as a refference for the find in file option

now that is completed we want to go back into the tool and recompile the apk file

because it is not a system file we want option 12

because we renamed the package file we have to select option 3 in the next menu

now we need to sign the apk file because it will be unsigned in this folder

we now use option 4

to sign it with the test key

now there is your newly created apk file with a different package name and now it will run on your device..

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