Download: Kakeru, Uta And Hiiragi - Cry On Your Pillow

By Kitten200014


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Story-Uta wanted to leave Hiiragi but after he said he loves her, she didn't want to leave him but she is so confussed because she thinks with Hiiragi is where she wants to be. Kakeru is always there when Uta is crying over Hiiragi but it hurts Kakeru too because knows when she goes to see Hiiragi again, it's gonna be the same fight. he sits by her and let her have a good cry everytime she is hurt but Kakeru have him finding out the truth about Hiiragi but she never believes him so he is always on the outside. Kakeru was trying to tell Uta that she got the wrong guy but she never believes that is true

Hiiragi is tearing Uta apart and breaking her heart but Uta always goes to Kakeru to have a good cry. Kakeru is always there to catch Uta when she falls and everytime Uta needs help, she always call Kakeru. he always make Uta happen after her fight with Hiiragi but Kakeru really want to be more then Uta best friend but Uta is to clueless to realize Kakeru loves her but Kakeru really want to be more then Uta pillow.

when ever Uta is lonely after Hiiragi leaves again, Kakeru is always standing by Uta when she needs a friend. when she is hurting and her heart is in two, Kakeru is always there to help her make it through.

Kakeru understands if Uta is scard of being alone again but Kakeru is scard of losing Uta because he loves her but Hiiragi will never love Uta like Kaero does so Kaker wonder why Uta would be with someone who makes her cry. he wonder why she does this to her self. Kakeru knows she can do better then that because she is so much better then that because Kakeru just want Uta to be happy

at the end, Kakeru told Uta that he loves her but Uta was shock and didn't know what to say but then she realize that Kakeru was always there for her so she broke up with Hiiragi and Told Kakeru she loved him by kissing him.

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