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Eagle vs Fox A fox tries to steal an eagles food instead of hunting in the Bulgarian winter. Instead he gets attacked, clawed and chased across the snow for his troubles & leaves hungry.

In the middle of winter in Bulgaria some strange things start to happen. The cold temperatures and lack of food start causing animals to do things, they normally wouldn't do. On this day a golden eagle was out hunting for food, scanning the ground for his prey. A red fox was also out on the snow looking for small animals burrowed under the ground beneath the snow. The eagle had made a kill and was enjoying his meal when the hungry red fox came upon him. After having been unsuccessful on his hunt the fox decided to try to steal the eagle’s catch.

The eagle saw the fox coming and to protect his hard earned meal he went after the red fox, and a fight ensued. Normally the fox would have little to no chance of winning this fight, but in the Bulgarian winter, he didn’t care. He put up a good effort but eventually the eagle got the upper hand when he sunk his claws into the fox’s back. After a little more wrestling the fox realized his mistake and opted to flee, leaving the fresh meal and the vicious golden eagle far behind.

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